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TD Warz - Online Tower Defense Game

Why TD Warz should be in your Games List?

“Games are the only force in the known universe that can get people to take actions against their self-interest, in a predictable way, without using force.” – Gabe Zimmermann

The rush that you feel while carefully making strategies to block your enemies’ attacks in Tower Defence (TD) games is unimaginable. Although the fondness for strategy video games has always been on a rise since their launch, the modern ones are certainly doing a remarkable job in keeping the players hooked to their computer screens. These TD games appeal to human psychology and vulnerability by allowing the players to defend their territory by strategically building and placing defensive structures.

Knight - TD Warz Hero
Knight – Hero of TD Warz

Video gaming isn’t just about the basic antics that the generation of millennials used to put up in their childhood. The pro gamers today want head-to-head multiplayer games that are packed with the modern features, but also remind them of their old memories. One such game that is taking the internet by storm is TD Warz. It is inspired by Line Tower Wars and specifically designed to fit your smartphones for that rocking multi-player tower defence experience. Let’s know more about this incredible game!

What is TD Warz?

The game requires the players to defend their territory by building a maze with different towers that come packed with splendid features like slow damage over time, area effect, air attack, and single target attacks. Some towers work well against certain types of creeps and some don’t. If you succeed in killing a creep with a tower, then you gain a gold reward that will help you build more towers.

Pixie - Healer of TD Warz
Pixie – Healer of TD Warz

To attack your enemies, you need to buy creeps with gold, and send them to kill your enemy. Sending creeps increases your income that comes every 15 seconds. This allows you to send a higher number of creeps or creeps that are bigger or more powerful. If the creeps manage to pass through the towers, they will start hitting the hero. You win if you are finally able to kill the enemy hero, but if the player gets killed, you lose.

Top Features of TD Warz

  • Fair Matchmaking and Card Collection
  • 5 Collectible Rarities – Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common
  • Multiplayer Game
  • Unlock and Upgrade New Creeps to Earn Packs with Cards
  • Construct Your Own Battle Deck to Defeat Your Enemies
  • Join or Create a Clan
  • Friend System and Chat Option for Your Friends
  • Build Mazes with Towers
  • Limitless Tower Placements to Confront Enemy Creeps
  • 20 Creeps with Different Abilities, Weaknesses and Strengths
  • 3 Elite Creeps with Powerful Abilities to Decimate the Enemies and Enemy Hero
  • 3 Heroes with Special Abilities to Defend, Protect and Win
  • Test Your Deck and Strategy with Your Clanmates in Friendly Clan Battles

Why TD Warz is the Perfect Addition to Your Video Game Collection?

  • Brings Back Old Memories of Warcraft 3 mod Line Tower Wars

Remember the old WC3 mod Line Tower Wars where players played tower defense against each other? The players had to build towers in order to stay alive and send units to the enemy to increase the income. The gameplay basics delivered so much fun because they were easy to access but hard to master. Expect a similar kind of experience when you are playing TD Warz.

  • Attractive Gain Packs

Every time you win a battle, you are awarded with attractive gain packs. Although the daily limit is 10 packs, you can improve the quality of the packs by opening or upgrading them. To upgrade your creeps, you need to collect the cards inside. If you keep playing well and keep winning battles, you can even reach up to the most difficult and ultimate rank in TD Warz worldwide, and that is ‘The One’.

  • Daily Login Rewards

There are daily login rewards for completing the daily quests and other daily deals in the shop for completing the lifetime achievements. And while playing the game and killing the creeps in your quest to be “The One”, you also get to collect the battle pass. But wait, there’s more! You can also collect chests of high-quality packs and gold by playing the Plinko.

Wrapping Up

TD Warz is an exciting, yet fairly simple online tower defense game that consists of 2 parts (attack and defence) that you need to master simultaneously. Stay tuned for more towers and creeps to be added in the near future.

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